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‘Official Scooper’ with compostable Bags

SWISS quality

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You love your dog, but not the poo 😉

No more stinky poop hanging on your stick! You don’t have to clean or touch anything: just push the button, grab and catch the poop before it falls on the ground and throw it away in the trash bin. Yes, it’s that easy!

  • Fun for kids to scoop poop up

    It may sound weird, but even your little ones will like to take the dog out and scoop some poop! You don’t have to worry about dirty hands anymore because the bag closes automatic.

  • No need of washing your hands

    No poop germs who can cause Salmonella Bacterie (by american research). Just push the button of the Happy Dog Leash leash and you’re finished.

  • Ideal length for avoiding lower back problems

    Since that you never have to bend down anymore for picking up poop in a bag, your back pains will slowly disappear. This will also save you a lot of money seeing a chiropractor!

  • Made for every dog size

    Our unique ‘Dog Scooper’ is created for any type of dog! We are proud to provide millions of dog owners with our SWISS Made Patented product. Be one of the first to order it!

Never pick it up by hand again

How many times do you pick up dog sh*t?
1,7 poop x 365 days =

Dog poop is dangerous for children

Why avoid picking up poop?

Ringworm or roundworm Larvae eat their way to the brain, lungs, kidneys, liver, heart or eyes and cause diseases there. You can even become blind.
Salmonella bacteria can lead to typhoid fever, bone marrow inflammation and paratyphus
. Small parasites disease Cryptospordiosis with, among other things, very severe diarrhea
Campylobacterium Disease: Campylobacteriosis, causes stomach flu
Heartworms (Dirofilaria immiti) Dig into the lungs and eventually reach the heart.
Whipworms (Trichuris trichiura) Nestle in the intestines
Myworms (Duodenal ancylostoma): Nestle in stomach and intestines
Roundworms (Nematoda) “inhabit” intestines and anus common tapeworms (Cestoda): These attach themselves to the intestinal wall with their heads.

Avoid dog poop

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What the people tell us

Lucky customers already bought it before you visited this page! Our ‘Happy Dog Leash’ will give you the ultimate cleaning experience. It’s good for your neighbourhood, kids and for the sake of your hygiene! Read the references below and order now!


“I will no longer have back pain because of the Happy Dog Leash! It’s super easy to use and I’ll never have to bend down anymore. I recommend this product to everybody.”