Hi, we are Arjen and Machiel, two ex Tesla Colleagues who reinvented the dog leash.


Our mission is to keep the environment clean and hygienic where human and dogs comes together.


Machiel and business partner Arjen met in 2013 during the startup phase of employer Tesla in their home country of Holland. Arjen still lives there. Machiel, on the other hand, moved to Switzerland nine years ago for work reasons.


We have both worked in customer service in the automotive industry for over 20 years. «We know exactly what expectations customers have of a product. And we think very pragmatically and solution-oriented.”


For more hygiene and a clean environment.


The flexi leash from Happydogleash is primarily intended to enable dog owners to unconditionally enjoy a walk with their four-legged friend. “Nobody likes having to pick up their dog’s droppings,” says Machiel. Happydogleash eliminates this part of the walk. At the push of a button, a telescope can be extended on the leash and collects dog waste in a bag before it even reaches the ground.


While Arjen took care of the design of the leash, Machiel tested the happydogleash with his own dog Hoshiko and with other dogs.

The Happydogleash dog leash can be operated with one hand, while the other remains permanently free, for example to hold an umbrella or a telephone or hold a child’s hand in a busy city.


The happydogleash is espacialy designed for the village or city as the location where where human and dogs comes together for a clean and hygienic environment. 


In the Netherlands you are already fined if you walk a dog and don’t have a poop bag with you. 


We hope that, not only we, but everybody want to contribute to greater hygiene and a clean environment with this invention.