Usable bags

Usable bags

Biogradable bags are easily to mount

How to use the Happy Dog Leash

While walking your dog, the Flexi leash easily holds your dog safe, while giving him extra space to walk around you. When you see that your dog is getting ready for his droppings, you press the button with the same hand you are holding the unit. This automatically unfold the telescope. During the extension of the telescope a special bag is retracted from the collection bag storage magazine that is mounted on the unit, and unfolds to be ready to catch the droppings before they hit the ground. When the droppings are collected into the bag, press the button to retract automatically the telescope, and the bag will be closed. You can easily continue your walk, and when coming to a garbage bin, press the button to release the bag with the droppings inside.

Unique ergonomic design to prevent back and wrist pain

Safe for everyone to use

We are proud to laungh a product that is safe and hygienic for everyone to use! This SWISS made patented Dog Scooper is well-thought created and designed by ProArth. The proprietary technology concept was developed by a team of professionals who specialize in bringing technology and end users together and has also worked together for a number of years in a large start-up (Tesla).

The Happy Dog Leash is equipped with biogradable bags and are easily to be mounted and removed.

Are you ready for an easy poop scooping experience?

We deliver your HAPPYDOGLEASH within
4 weeks